Our Mission

 Alpha Omega Rescue is a unique rescue that helps all animals in need. We don't just go out of our way to rescue dogs and cats but also rabbits, reptiles, birds, pigs, turtles, etc. 

We view all of Gods animals as equal and do whatever we can in order to rescue, rehabilitate and re home any animal in need.

  Our mission is to protect Gods creatures from the evil in this world and place them with good people that will never allow harm to come to them again.

From the Alpha to the Omega.

From the first to last, we will continue to fight this daily battle of animal abuse and neglect in the world.

We are currently in battle saving as many as we can. 

Will you join or support us on this mission ?


Who Rescues Who?

My life has always been flooded with animals in need of rescue ever since I was a little girl. Though, growing up into teenage years i ventured off from my path of helping animals and went down a road that was full of gangs, drugs and bad decisions. I swayed off my mission God created me for and choose the bad crowd for many years with every now an then accepting an animal that was in need of my help. 

Until the year of 2010 when i was asked by a family friend to help a pug named Pugsly, that had been chained up for months in a back yard with no shelter and limited food and water. Only the greed of a human wanting to sell the pug for hundreds of dollars. 

I accepted her cry for help and rescued the pug off the rusted chain it had been living on. My goal was to nurse him to full health and find him a good home. 

I did not end up rescuing this dog in the end. He rescued me. 

I believe Pugsly was sent to me by the Lord. Pugsly showed me that hanging out on the streets with gangs and drugs was not what my life was meant for. If that was where i was spending my time, my mission of helping animals was not being fulfilled. 

I changed who I was in order to be a better person for Pugsly and all the other animals that came to me in need of my help. 

Pugsly passed after four great years that I was blessed to have him in my life. I will never be the same without him, and I will never be who I was because of him. 

I want to dedicate this rescue and all that I do to my beloved Pugsly. 


Thank You

 Whether you help through donations, volunteering your time or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you. We couldn't  accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you!